Research Areas


  • Non-traditional security challenges in South Asia
  • Reconstruction, Governance and Institution building in transitional societies
  • Challenges to Policy making in fragile states
  • State and Peace building in post conflict societies
  • Politics of Aid, Development, Gender and Security in South Asia
  • Water, Climate change, Borders, Diaspora, Energy, Nuclear and Cyber Security
  • Security Sector Reform and Civil-Military Relations
  • Insurgencies, Terrorism and Strategies in Counter terrorism
  • Non State Armed Groups, Illicit Networks, Organised crime and Conflict Economy
  • Countering violent extremism, counter terrorist financing and anti-money laundering
  • Rule of law, Political systems, Electoral and Constitutional Reform in South Asia
  • Strategic Communications and Role of Media
  • Role of Dialogue, Negotiations, Reconciliation, Mediation, Confidence-building measures and Track II initiatives
  • Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution
  • Great Power Politics, Global governance and Emerging Powers
  • Regional Cooperation in South Asia and South East Asia
  • India’s foreign, aid and security policy